Prom theme choice closed to senior class body

Ellie Bonck , Staff Reporter

In previous years, the senior class student government has generated ideas for a prom theme and then presented it to the senior class to vote on with the one with the greatest votes becoming the prom theme. This year, the decision was made quite differently.

“We realized that as class officers, we are the ones who have to do everything for prom, and as much as we want to open it up to the entire class, it is hard for us to work with a prom theme that we don’t have a vision for,” senior class president Matthew Murray said.

The senior class student government made announcements that if students had a prom theme in mind, and they wanted it to be considered, they had to present it at a student government meeting. Their presentation had to include a color scheme, decoration ideas, table linens, favors, invitation and tickets ideas, entertainment, lighting and a centerpiece for the table. The Friday before the meeting, students had to sign up with senior class sponsor, Jayme Jamison, in order to present. The day of their presentation, they also were required to be in professional dress. Once all themes were presented, presenters and senior class officers voted on a theme.

“We picked an idea we can all think of great ideas for, it’s simple and elegant. The seniors just need to trust the officers they voted on. We wouldn’t pick something bad that people wouldn’t want to go to,” Murray said.