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Junior Abigail Maxwell led the student athletic trainers to carry the cold-water immersion tub to the football field.
Trainers keep their cool
Matthew Dearolph September 16, 2020

As she dragged the cold-water immersion tub behind her, junior student athletic trainer Sophia Ramirez struggled across the football field, face mask shortening her breath....

Sophomore Leylani Neris scans back into her classroom so administration can track where she has been and what she has touched.
Trace of concern
Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor • September 4, 2020

The person to your right has been gone all week. Your third-period teacher was teaching from home while you watched her from the classroom. Rumors have been swirling throughout...

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Junior Julia Squitteri takes a picture in an outfit she cannot wear under the current dress code. The straps on her shirt break the code because they are too small and reveal much of her shoulders.
Suit Yourself
Gabriella Herrera, Staff Reporter • September 17, 2020

When junior Julia Squitteri was followed down the hall and humiliated by an administrator because her midriff was showing, she knew something had to change.  Squitteri,...

Crowded Drive-Thru at the McDonalds on E. Mitchell Hammock & Lockwood.
COVID with a side of fries
Sophia Canabal, Staff Reporter • September 11, 2020

Whether someone’s running late and needs a quick meal, or they're simply craving a burger and fries, fast food restaurants have at one point had everyone’s back. However,...

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Introductions by Bethany Barker
"The Devil All The Time" stars popular actors such as Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, proving to be the best Netflix original seen in months.
Devilishly good
Sophie Woodburn, Opinions Editor • September 25, 2020

With a legendary and award winning cast, “The Devil All The Time” had Netflix lovers waiting with bated breath for its release on Sept. 16. Based on a novel by author...

Mulan (2020) was released on September 4, 2020 on Disney
Disney almost made a remake out of you
Gabriella Herrera, Staff Reporter • September 23, 2020

After years of creating successful live-action remake after live-action remake, Disney may have finally met their match in the box office. Despite being one of the best Disney...

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